in the cracks in the mud / in the dried up / creek
bed we buried / you six months silent / again in metastatic
burning / this is the part where you / fall in a moment
into all / the same sounds into

cracks / in the dried up mud unspoken / perhaps / with
a purpose / white as teeth / delicious lips split / your torn
to shreds sleeve / this is the part where you / take off
your shoes / lay your lovely head

down / buried in me like broken sleep / we heard a train
creep out your pocket / plume smeared perhaps / with purpose / good
morning bright one / could you water the lilies / you who love
the rain but not the raining

unbuttoned by another hand / in the cracks in the mud / we burned you
in birdsong / in shameless orchard air / lush and stagger / in the woods
yet hovering inside / the feeling of dream / in plastic sack tension / we
came back in September / you were standing there

wearing its flow like a dress / the sound of the creek / no more its own
language / sky flowering from cracks / in the ends / of the earth
blooming hard in soft places / you who stain the wind / with scattered
leaves / as the trees lean to you / pull your petals apart