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Chard deNiord
Body Portrait-noframe-cropped

In a sea beneath a sea without a name
where waters gathered to a clarity
that was also sorrow.

Chard deNiord

In steps at your command/down the plank of a tall
fast ship with the salt/of sex across its lips.

Joel Brouwer

We should be glad our safety and security
are someone’s top priority, yet we
can’t help but hope for fresh announcements
in the terminal.

Chard deNiord

Her son’s dreadful bodies, buried by that mass, drenched the Earth/
with streams of blood, and they say she warmed it to new life,/
so that a trace of her children might remain, transforming it into/
the shape of human beings….

francine j harris
water 4

i have walked with half a skull and i have walked
with a blanch shell. i have walked, legs
split hungry, and i have walked too old.

Gary Moore

I wanted the prize but the prize looked the other way
It was the other prize

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