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Mimi Lemay
Rainbow Cattle Co. 51 by Evie Lovett

Your dad often recounts the moment he held you first. Your hearty, solid body, your pumping fists and legs and the surprised thought, “This one is a different model”…

Lafayette Wattles
Rainbow Cattle Co. 7 CROPPED by Evie Lovett

After watching too many Rocky movies,
Dad got the bright idea of using ordinary things

in not-so-ordinary ways, and he invented Drill #2:

Richard Farrell
CROPPED Lovett. Rainbow Cattle Co. 21

With all four engines turning, one Superfortress rattles the ground like an earthquake….it sounds as if the brigades of Hell have been unleashed on Guam.

Lafayette Wattles
CROPPED-Bend by Toby Gonzalez

and I manage to jump to my feet,

split lip and all, like Dad taught me

Terrance Manning, Jr.
RESIZED GONZALEZ_Baggage_1000x700_2013_tobygonzalezfinal2_edited-1

Never go down to the ground with a wrestler.

And I’d shake my head all, Right, damn right, hell right, because it felt good to know he was a tough bastard, and I’d always, since I could remember, wanted to be a tough bastard.

Jan Lower
CROPPED-Rainbow Cattle Co. 1 by Evie Lovett

They were heading for the mall, to spend the last couple of hours of Saturday afternoon away from the house where they lived with the Hardisons. As foster parents went, Ford guessed, they were decent; but without kids of their own, everything they did seemed off.

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