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Evie Lovett
Evie Featured

From 2002 to 2004, Evie Lovett photographed drag queens preparing backstage for the monthly drag show at the Rainbow Cattle Co. in Dummerston, Vermont…

Lafayette Wattles
Rainbow Cattle Co. 7 CROPPED by Evie Lovett

After watching too many Rocky movies,
Dad got the bright idea of using ordinary things

in not-so-ordinary ways, and he invented Drill #2:

Lee Ann Dalton
CROPPED_Rainbow Cattle Co. 56 by Evie Lovett

Today, as soon as I draw a card and flip it over, I know it’s going to be a shakedown day, so I call the absentee line and make my voice low and slow like his when he has to speak to anyone with any degree of authority.

Terrance Manning, Jr.
RESIZED GONZALEZ_Baggage_1000x700_2013_tobygonzalezfinal2_edited-1

Never go down to the ground with a wrestler.

And I’d shake my head all, Right, damn right, hell right, because it felt good to know he was a tough bastard, and I’d always, since I could remember, wanted to be a tough bastard.

John James
Pussy (cropped) by Toby Gonzalez

Impalpable, transparent, a big man /
In a rabbit-coat turns twice, turns three times…

Toby Gonzalez
Toby Featured

Toby has found the greatest personal release exploring themes of masculinity—both his own masculinity and the way masculinity is perceived by society—and plans to dig further into the subject, attempting to “hit the bottom, if there is one.”

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