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Lisa Nikolidakis
Triptych, detail

Ask anyone in Greece and they will tell you the same: our snails are best. From all over they come to our village in Crete to pluck the mollusks from their swirling shells and feel the soft dissolve against their tongues.

Kari Smith
1000x700 Detail Eye

like chrysanthemums, like tulips;
like the droopy pink heads of peonies
that filled our kitchen windowsill, spilling
over mason jars and plastic cups…

E. M. Alexander
1000x700 Cropped Landscape Detail2

Far, far below the ocean’s surface, where no trace of light can be seen, the deep-sea Angler fish has made her home.

Alan Sincic
1000x700 Detail Eye_edited-2

So not but a week after the funeral and this thing, this crazy thing that happens. I’m trekking through Midtown – no temp job that day – past CBS Headquarters. You know, Black Rock. You’ve seen the pictures: black as a burnt marshmallow, thirty-eight floors of granite, kind of a cross between the Tower of […]

Lisa Breger
1000x700 Cropped Triptych DFM 4

I don’t want to leave this world:
My friends are in it, and there’s so much beauty.

B. Boyer-White
1000x700 Cropped Pandoras Box DFM

I have a mouthful of hot tea when it hits. A boom in the walls like a wrecking ball blow, then a whole series of them, pounding. Nothing breaks but the windows snake-rattle in their frames.

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