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P.E. Garcia
Erin Deena

I’m in Philadelphia, on my couch, next to my dog. I’m trying to write nonfiction. I have published some fiction, so I think of myself as a fiction writer. I have published some poetry, so sometimes I think of myself as a poet. I have published a few essays, but I have never….

Evie Lovett

Ten photographs from the series “Ari” by Evie Lovett. Originally featured in Hunger Mountain Issue 19: The Body Issue.

Chard deNiord

In steps at your command/
down the plank of a tall/
fast ship with the salt/
of sex across its lips./

Gary Moore
Deena Amanda Erin

I wanted the prize but the prize looked the other way It was the other prize I wanted the beach but I got the mountains Not everyone gets the mountains I wanted the beautiful woman and I got her But I didn’t live happily ever after So I tried to be careful about wanting Lord […]

Chard deNiord

Her son’s dreadful bodies, buried by that mass, drenched the Earth/
with streams of blood, and they say she warmed it to new life,/
so that a trace of her children might remain, transforming it into/
the shape of human beings….

Caitlyn Renee Miller

This past summer my husband, Derek, and I spent seven weeks in Mexico, where he took immersive Spanish classes, and I holed up in our rented apartment finalizing some contracted writing projects. I also spent my days trying to learn….

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