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Stephen Eoannou
MaleEquity by Toby Gonzalez

My head is fuzzy from too much beer and too much weed. I think I hear my old man running up the stairs. Then I hear him calling my mother’s name, and I know some serious shit must be hitting the fan. The old man never runs.

Rebecca Thomas
TWIST cropped by Toby Gonzalex

The streetlight coming in through the blinds stripes Berto’s face. He grins, and his teeth gleam white in the darkness, transforming him into the Cheshire Cat of Ash Street. “Undie run,” he whispers.

Terrance Manning, Jr.
RESIZED GONZALEZ_Baggage_1000x700_2013_tobygonzalezfinal2_edited-1

Never go down to the ground with a wrestler.

And I’d shake my head all, Right, damn right, hell right, because it felt good to know he was a tough bastard, and I’d always, since I could remember, wanted to be a tough bastard.

Lafayette Wattles
BATMAN by Toby Gonzalex

Coach says, your legs, your feet

will only get you so far, says, blazing
down the sidelines isn’t much good
without the prize in your fingertips,

Toby Gonzalez
Toby Featured

Toby has found the greatest personal release exploring themes of masculinity—both his own masculinity and the way masculinity is perceived by society—and plans to dig further into the subject, attempting to “hit the bottom, if there is one.”

John James
Pussy (cropped) by Toby Gonzalez

Impalpable, transparent, a big man /
In a rabbit-coat turns twice, turns three times…

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