2019 Contest Winners Are Here

We are thrilled to announce the results of our 2019 contests! With over 1,200 entries, we had a wonderful time reading and a hard time choosing our finalists. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winning pieces will be published in the forthcoming months, right here on Hunger Mountain Online. 

Thank you to our talented assistant editors and dedicated readers for whom this is a true labor of love.

2019 Contest Winners

2019 Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize

Judge: Erika T. Wurth

First Place Winner:

  • Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley for “Beautiful Bembé” 


  •  Willy Lizárraga for “The Anglo-Saxon Conspiracy”

The 2019 finalists:

  • Evelyn Krieger for “When We Were BAD”
  •  Rose Chen for “Listening In”
  •  Jane Kalu for “Ghost Baby”
  •  Latifa Ayad for “A Mean Winter”
  •  Kathleen McNamara for “Thirteenth Step”
  •  Jenny Fleming for “Raised by Humans”
  •  John Shea for “The Cosmopolites”
  • Nancy Allen for “Split Sky Place”

2019 Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult & Children’s Writing

Judge: Monica Brown

Overall First Place: 

  •  Hannah Parker for “Autumnal Tithe” (Young Adult)

Category Winners: 

  • Adriana Martinez for “The Ratoncito: The Mexican Mouse Who Became a Fairy for a Night” (Picture Book)
  • Anna Craig for “When Everything Was Whiskey Creek” (Middle Grade)
  • Ellen Goff for “The Cave Sighs” (Young Adult)

The 2019 finalists: 

  • Frances Cannon for “Sick of Being Sick” (Picture Book)
  • J.D. Smith for “The Glamour Crab” (Picture Book)
  • Paulette Sharkey for “Shipshape Sheldon” (Picture Book)
  • Heidi Roemer for “Where Are the Pumpkins?” (Picture Book)
  • Kyla McDonald for “Hiccup” (Middle Grade)
  • Helen Kemp Zax for “The Ballad of Philip Hamilton: The Tragic Tale of Eliza and Alexander Hamilton’s Firstborn Son” (Middle Grade)
  • Bryce Emley for “Things to Do with the Moon” (Middle Grade)
  • Annemarie O’Brien and Jade Keller for “Butterfly Trap” (Young Adult)
  • Olga Zilberbourg for “No Horse Required” (Young Adult)

2019 Ruth Stone Poetry Prize

Judge: Natalie Diaz

First Place Winner:

  • Daniel Arias Gómez for “Cathedrals,” “Ode to Sprinklers,” and “Say Your Hands Scar”


  •  Hannah Erickson for “Dizzy // House”

The 2019 finalists:

  • Harriet Millan for “Green Fox Fur”
  • Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley for “Pass the Rock”
  • Kristin Laurel for “Lucas,” “Modus Operandi,” and “Totality”
  • Leonard Morrison for “3:37 AM”
  • M Soledad Caballero for “Memory Spaces”
  • Bridget O’Bernstein for “All Children”
  • Michael Weinstein for “Odyssey”
  • Alicia Mountain for “Rewinding the Lesbian Sex Scene on a Flight from Denver”
  • Diana Whitney for “Demeter in Winter,” “Gray Matters,” and “Velvet Rocks”
  • Y. Madrone for “Excerpt from a book-length poemoir: The Count Up, The Count Down
  • L. Brown-Lavoie for “Excerpts from Club Desire

2019 Creative Nonfiction Prize

Judge: Elissa Washuta

First Place:

  • Arielle Schussler forSunrise on Pluto” 


  • Katie Quach for “The Alligator”

Honorable Mention:

  • Joshua Levy for “Car Crash Near Tim Hortons”

The 2019 finalists:

  • Zoe Fowler for “Marking Time”
  • Talia Green for “A Fear of Flying”
  • Nick R. Robinson for “Livin’ with the Alvarezes”
  • Kate Levin for “Ghost of a Leaf”
  • Sarah Stuteville for “Windstorm”

2019 International Young Writers Prize for High School-Aged Writers

Judge: Assistant Editors of Hunger Mountain

Overall First Place: 

  • Kaylee Y Jeong for “Hyphe(nation)” (Creative Nonfiction)

The 2019 finalists:

  •  Aanika Eragam for “Diaries of a Fat Girl” (Poetry)
  •  Emily Tian for “Impressions on Hair” (Creative Nonfiction)
  •  Xandra Sky for “Invisible Constellations” (Fiction)
  •  Adam Zhou for “Food for Thought” (Writing for Young Adult and Children)

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