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All the Things that Make Heaven and Earth

W. Todd Kaneko

The soil, the livestock, our memories of the war, everything flourishing before it vanishes—breath severed clean from our bodies, our shadows sunset-deepened and woven with dirt, whole family trees succumbed to the blight. My grandfather returns to life, back still bent by history’s quiet yoke, his memories of camp forever decaying into the tiny garden […]

Horses’ Mouths

W. Todd Kaneko

When the army brought us to the stables on our way to internment, they warned us about talking to the animals. We crowded into the stalls at night and listened to the horses explain the difference between sugar and glue, the weight of plow and cart, the jangle of spurs against bare flank. Their manes […]

Looking Outside Airplane Windows

W. Todd Kaneko

I expect to see that boy in the clouds, sad faced, barbed wire tattoo ablaze where no one can see it— not a tattoo but a scar wrapped around his belly like a belt cinched tight to hold his body together. Every cloud dissolves one day, leaving so many boys in the sky, hanging, waiting […]