General Submission Guidelines

Issue #24Patterns is closed for submissions, & will be published in March, 2020.

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Issue #24’s theme: Patterns can be worn or flown. Bees dance them. Humans walk them daily. Patterns can be mundane or systemic. Tibetan monks make mandalas then blow them away. Ancient cultures left their trace in how they arranged stone. Drums, contrapuntal rhythm, jazz, orchestras, electronica. Knitters and tailors make them, societies break them. Climate is the pattern of the weather, personality is a pattern of behavior. Migration and immigration are both patterns. Diné weavers include deliberate imperfections in their weft and warp; Aran islands’ families’ sweater patterns are used to identify drowned fishermen; chaos follows a pattern, just one our science isn’t precise enough to predict. Herringbone, honeycomb, paisley, polka dot, tartan, chevron, ikat, meander, grid, akwete, adire, damask, chintz, madras, gingham, houndstooth.

We’ll publish art to help us see when our individual and collective patterns aren’t serving us well anymore, how to resist, how to envision new conventions, work with both ornament and design, & all kinds of writing that cracks expectations. In this election year, what patterns will we set, and what will we disrupt?