by Mitu Malhotra

Overall Winner, Katherine Paterson Prize for Literature for Young Adults & Children

Mitu Malhotra holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. In previous avatars, she was a textile designer and taught fashion illustration. She writes stories inspired by her Indian culture, ancient myths and historical events. In her spare time Mitu paints, sews and builds miniature dollhouses out of recycled materials.

This free verse piece with elements of concrete poetry is a retelling of the myth of Indra—the thunderbolt wielding rain-god, a philanderer and a sort of Hindu version of Zeus.  Retaining the original sequence of events, curses, and characters, Mitu made two silent spectators—the moon-god Soma and Indra’s thunderbolt—narrate the events from their points of view. 

Website: Instagram: @mituart Twitter: @Mitu_B_Malhotra