Rainbow Cattle Co. 51 by Evie Lovett

Two Poems

Bradley Harrison

As His Mouth Begins Pouring From Disturbing Heights

This is the sound of the terror
of isms Of my rickshaw heart beating

The night bleeding you or bleeding from you

The child awoke with desire to swallow
a supernatural animal

She will not be touched She won’t come
to the phone

This is the sound of a mirror
in pieces Of Madonna and Child
falling down stairs

So long in the kitchen
So long on the porch swing

The polaroids weren’t vivid enough No high
way town no shutdown
sawmill No earthquake of hands
dismantling hands

Down the mountain clutching shocks
of weeds His mouth and answer came
in burlap

Disorder the earth Sweetheart
go back to sleep



in the cracks in the mud / in the dried up / creek
bed we buried / you six months silent / again in metastatic
burning / this is the part where you / fall in a moment
into all / the same sounds into

cracks / in the dried up mud unspoken / perhaps / with
a purpose / white as teeth / delicious lips split / your torn
to shreds sleeve / this is the part where you / take off
your shoes / lay your lovely head

down / buried in me like broken sleep / we heard a train
creep out your pocket / plume smeared perhaps / with purpose / good
morning bright one / could you water the lilies / you who love
the rain but not the raining

unbuttoned by another hand / in the cracks in the mud / we burned you
in birdsong / in shameless orchard air / lush and stagger / in the woods
yet hovering inside / the feeling of dream / in plastic sack tension / we
came back in September / you were standing there

wearing its flow like a dress / the sound of the creek / no more its own
language / sky flowering from cracks / in the ends / of the earth
blooming hard in soft places / you who stain the wind / with scattered
leaves / as the trees lean to you / pull your petals apart


Art by Evie Lovett

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Bradley Harrison grew up in small town Iowa and is a graduate of Truman State University. Currently a Michener Fellow at the University of Texas in Austin, his work can be found in Gulf Coast, CutBank, The Los Angeles Review,  New Orleans Review and other journals. He is author of the chapbook DIORAMA OF A PEOPLE, BURNING (Ricochet Editions 2012).

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