by Kerri Augenstein

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Editor’s Note: These illustrations were initially commissioned for Hunger Mountain‘s first online issue published on the new website in 2013. They can now be seen in the Fiction section.

“Working on the illustrations for Hunger Mountain was a great opportunity for me in many ways. It pulled me out of my conceptual sandbox for the figure studies, challenging the inspiration-source to come—not only from one idea, “firsts”—but also to be replicated in as many distinct and varied themes that I could come up with. (Of course I’m in debt to many friends who helped me come up with the ideas.) It was also interesting to work in a landscape orientation as before this project the figures were only positioned in portrait. All in all, what a great opportunity to sit in the same space as all of the amazing authors occupying all of the brilliant content of Hunger Mountain.” —Kerri Augenstein




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