by Don Fenestre-Marek

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This collection of paintings by Don Fenestre-Marek was originally the featured artwork for the online Prizewinner Issue—October 2015They inspired the art on the Prize Winners Page.

Artist’s Statement:

Over the past three decades, Don has worked in a variety of art media.  He considers painting to have the broadest vocabulary for articulating the intersection of practical existence and spiritual inquiry.  “For Marcel Duchamp everything, including art, could be reflected on in the course of what happens on a chess board; for me the canvas is the chess board.  If I can imagine a way to get it onto the painting surface, I can see how it fits into broad and complex systems.”

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By Miciah Bay Gault

Miciah Bay Gault is the editor of Hunger Mountain at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She's also a writer, and her fiction and essays have appeared in Tin House, The Sun Magazine, The Southern Review, and other fine journals. She lives in Montpelier, Vermont with her husband and children.